Friday, October 1, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

I feel like a very angry person lately and have been waiting all day to 
type all my Fawk You's 
And now i can only think of a couple!

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FAWK YOU flu shot that made McKenzie sick which then made me a very tired mom who THEN got sick to

FAWK YOU to the loud ass kid downstairs, You wake up my kid from nap time everyday at the same time 2:47PM when you get home and you wake her up every morning at 6:37AM getting ready for school

FAWK YOU brain who seems to only function 80% of the time!

FAWK YOU ..IUD that i had put in after whoops numba 2 was born to prevent a 3rd whoops for 5 more years! Thanks for making my periods go away i thought that totally rocked, UNTIL you decided to make me spot for a day here and there all month and ruin half my new freakin underwear! grr! O and the hair falling out of my head because you, Yeah that SUCKS to!

FAWK YOU to the new HALO video game for keeping my man glued to the TV after work, when he should be in bed cuddling with me! cause MOMMY NEEDS SOME CUDDLING TO!!!! (it does mean i get to fall asleep taking all the blankets and half the bed, till he pushes me over, so i guess im not complaining to much about it)

FAWK ME for not doing this post this morning when i had tons of FAWK YOUS all ready to go! DAMN!!!

And how was your Friday?

1 comment:

  1. I've done the exact same thing. I'll have all these things to write down, then I think I'll do it later, and guess what? I can't remember most of them!

    Thanks for sharing with us today!