Friday, October 1, 2010

Yummy Dinner

I was going through my email, and i had one from kraft recipes. They always have some super cool ideas for dinner. If your like me and are sick of the same stuff check out the site sometime. So anyways i seen a picture of "Fun taco cups" Now just reading the name made me want to try them! But look how good they look! Its just a biscuit in a muffin tin and then taco meat on top and a little cheese and bake them for 15 mins. OMG was it sooo good! And i was reading in the comments of the recipe and some people used cornbread and other things for the "cup". Im deff. trying this again. I put some sour cream and salsa on the top and cut it up and man was i full! AND they even taste good being heated up in the microwave.(yes i just had another one cause they are so good)


These are what mine looked like.
They were pretty easy to pop out of the muffin pan to, which I was surprised because things like that just dont work out for me! But I was ecstatic that they all came out in one piece!

You have to try these sometime!
And let me know what you though of them!

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