Friday, July 30, 2010

I want to Be a Cat

I have two cats Jasmine and Roxy they drive me crazy, 
they are so annoying sometimes and never shut up
As much as i cant stand them most of the time
I am so envious of the life they live
(I dont envy when my kids mess with them tho, i actually feel bad sometimes)
I would love a care-free life and be able to just hang out and sleep anywhere
So i was going though pictures and found a bunch of my cats doing what they do best
Make me Jealous of their life!
Heres Why:

What a Life Right?
So when i die i want to come back as a cat!

Five question Friday!

I found this while going through my reader this morning and thought it looked kind of fun, so why not! 

1. Did you have a favorite blanket or toy as a kid? If so, do you still have it?

This is my "Booger blanket" well that's what my grandparents called it because i used to rub it against my nose? the whole booger blanket thing really used to make me mad, cause i never understood it. I still have it as u see by the picture, it is stored in a bin with other childhood things that i still cant just get rid of yet. I had another blanket that was more of my favorite it was soft and blue and has silk edges(which was my favorite part) but my mom cut all the corners off cause they were falling apart and wrote my sisters name on it in permanent marker for her to use at school. I still have not forgave my mom for doing that to my favorite blanky.

2. Do you dream in color?
No not really, i rarely remember anything that i dream. I think I'm so tired that my body just shuts down. I should actually see if this is normal that i NEVER remember dreams or even recall if i had one. My other half has the craziest dreams and can tell me everything that happened it them. Not me though, maybe its a good thing.....

3. How tall are you? Do you wish you were shorter or taller?
Ha this makes me laugh, I am 5'1 and sometimes i like it and other times i hate it. It sucks to always need a stool or a chair to get anything higher than the counter and at the store, good god i am always THAT person climbing up the shelves for that specific scent of candle or the really good brownie mix. 

4. If you could have any one's (celeb or other) voice as the guide on your GPS, who would it be?
HMmm this is actually pretty hard, let me think....I usually turn the voice off cause it drive me bonkers but i guess it would be so bad if it was someon ei liked talking. ok a girl i would choose Julia Roberts cause i love her and think her voice is sorta sexy , yes she is my girl crush..he he and if it was a man i would like T.I (the rapper) I have this obsession with him, For a black guy he so damn sexy it drives me insane, he is clean cut and well spoken and mmm i would love to just give him a big hug. lol  if he was my gps voice i would just drive around listening to it/him.<3

5. Do you return your shopping cart to the corral or leave it wherever in the parking lot?
Yes I almost every time return my cart. This is because i know what its like to watch a cart catch a nice big gust of wind and go speeding full force into my car! its not that hard to walk 5 more spaces over and return the damn cart! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday hops!

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Bassgiraffe's Thoughts Thursday Blog Hop

the good things in life

Lately I have been feeling a little blah. I haven't had my car for about 6 months now, and having 2 kids and no car really sucks! I always felt bad for the moms who had to take the bus or walk everywhere or ask millions of people for rides, and then how inconvenient that had to be! Well i am now one of them now, and i hate every second of it. I feel like my poor kids are deprived of the outside world. And not the mention that duh its summer time. I should be glad that i am fortunate enough to be able to stay home with both my kids for the summer and enjoy them. But lately i just feel miserable and well I'm not sure what else. All i know is that i shouldn't be feeling and acting this way. Why? Do i have reasons to act this way? Maybe, but it doesn't matter i should be sucking it up and enjoying my life, cause its really not that bad, not even close. I have been trying to think positive lately and really think about the things that i have, and what if i didn't have these things/people. So i think I'm going to make a list of the things and people that i have in my life and wouldn't know what to do without...
  • Well First has to be Nate. I hate the word boyfriend cause i feel like a 12 year old in middle school, so he is my other half, my rock, my pain in the ass, the reason for just about everything that i have. He drives me crazy and sometime i cant stand to be in the same room with him, but isn't that how it goes? We have become so alike in the past 4 years we have been together which is mostly the reason we drive each other crazy sometimes. But he tells me how it is and is a complete ass to get the point across most of the time,but he has taught me lots of things and has become my best friend, and someone i cant imagine my life without.

  • This little girl right here was one of the best things to ever happen to me! She has taught me things about love and even myself, that i never thought possible. My heart just exploded with love when she was born. I'm not sure if its the mother daughter relationship that bonds us so close but she has become the sunshine in my life! She is the complete opposite of Codie and is just the smartest most amazing person ever! and she is only 18 months old. She is so smart and makes me so proud every day even if she is carrying chairs around the house to get up on things and open doors, its those troublesome things that also make me so proud of my smartyants. She is my mini me and the person that has made my life complete. 

  • And this handsome sweetheart is my other rock! This kid is just amazing and yet a huge pain in my ass. He is almost 5 and doesn't listen. I feel like all day i yell at him and i feel so bad, and some days i feel like I'm not cut out for this mom thing. Then this amazing little boy hugs me and says " I love you mommy". I need to start appreciating this little boy and start to understand that he is only 5 and that's what they do, be bratty. This kid holds the key to my heart, and he knows it and always will. 
  • I am also so thankful that we have our own apartment that is big enough for all of us! With 2 kids everything seems to be so cluttered and messy but hey i don't care, as long as i have my own living room bathroom and bedrooms for all of us i am a happy camper. we lived in a really small 2 bedroom apt for like 2 years and i was miserable there was no spare room and that made me sooo miserable. i have totally been a little bit more relaxed since we moved to our bigger place and feel like i can breathe a little better, I feel bad for people who have kids and are living with their parents. God how do u do it? I would go insane, if i had someone else to deal with and live under someone else's roof with their rules and their own way of living! I owe everything again to my other half for giving me our own place and a place to breathe and enjoy our beautiful family!

So maybe I'm just rambling again but i really need to start thinkg positively about the things that i have in my life every day rather than think about the things that i don't have or wish that i did! I have the most important thing i guess and that my family, and that's all i really need! 

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Surfin Saturdays

Surfin Saturday is a blog hop that changes every Saturday! Each week we will be surfin' a different social network. You will have to check back every Saturday to see where we will be! One week it may be a facebook hop and then the next an email hop! It will be lots of fun and you will get to meet new people and see old friends as well!

This week is GFC (Google Friend Connect)
If you follow me here, please just leave me a comment and I will gladly return the favor, and of course, follow you back!! 

What are your motherhood IRKS?

Everyday my life seems to be the same. And everyday i get frustrated at the same things, I call them my Motherhood Irks: These are some of mine, and I would LOVE to know what some of your are.

My kids are at the ages now where they don't leave each other alone. All day I swear all i do is yell and run around like a mad women. I'm feeling a little ranting coming on, the ranting of a mom with 2 monster children who cant be good! Well they are good kids just lately they have not been. LOL So I'm just going to clear my my head of some things that IRK me about my days.

1.) The Whining: Its like the soundtrack of my life!  This has to be by far the thing that irks me the most! I swear its constant in my house. I want to get out of bed , eh, eh , eh, eh , eh ,eh.....I need juice*shoves juice cup at me* eh,eh,eh,eh,eh,eh. And its not just from Moo its Code to. He doesn't get what he wants he whines and like pushes his hand at me. Some times i think its funny to whine back at them and laugh, usually this just makes more whining and then adds a tantrum on the floor. AWESOME!   Whinging is such an awesome way to start and continue my day.

2.) Hold me Hold me: When its 90 degrees outside the last thing i want to do is hold a shirtless sweaty yet adorable child. What i don't get tho is why do they need to be held, aren't they hot and sweaty and uncomfortable? why want to be in my miserable and also sweaty arms?

3.) No Mom i need to be behind you every second: There must be a magnet in my ass and the other part is planted in my kids somewhere. It must be something that is developed during the 9 months of preparing to make moms life miserable. I swear (there i go swearing again) that every time i am out of either of the kids sight for more than 5 seconds, they go into panic mode and freak out busting all the doors down looking for the one that mom is hiding behind. (which usually is the bathroom because its the hardest to get into if its locked) And yes Codie has figured out that if you turn the locked doorknob hard enough that it will open, so no room is really safe any more. .... Which brings me to number 4

4.) No more Bathroom privacy: OMG that's all i really have to say because I'm sure every mom is right there with me on that one. My kids seriously almost hyperventilate outside the bathroom door cause GOD_FOR_BID i shut the door long enough to take a piss.  And showering im usually half asleep lately taking a shower cause the only time i feel comfortable leaving my kids unattended lately is while their sleeping. So i shave my legs with one eye open and usually forget to shave my arm pits at least i wont smell like hot dogs and peas until lunch the next day!

5.) I have completely lost control of my living room and my big screen TV! After 8 months of only having a small love seat for a family of 4 i was finally able to get the couch i have wanted FOREVER! I paid a pretty penny for it, and i kid you not i only get to sit on it a couple hours a day. And when i say sit, i mean like without being jumped over or someone sitting in my lap and watching nick Jr. Ah Nick Jr. I have grown a love hate relationship with Nick Jr. I love Nick JR. because it allows me to wash my dishes or clean my floor or do some laundry or vacuum, well any kind of house work.Its like the babysitter i cant afford. YES I AM THAT MOM WHO PLOPS HER KIDS IN THE LIVING ROOM WITH THE TV, but ya what i really don't care!!!! LOL I hate Nick Jr. because that's all that's on my TV during the day. These songs that i sing in my head while showering or cleaning are the snappy tunes of umizoomi or the wonder pets, or the fresh beat band.

Man  my life in my eyes gets more and more pathetic when i type it all out. Well I'm done ranting for now. so until the next time!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Social Parade

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this is my first Social Parade, Follow me friday,  so a big HELLO to all who are visiting! 

Dont For to comment and let me know your a new follower! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poo Flinger

We have a little splash pool about 2 minutes from our house. When i say little yeah its little, its a one foot i think sorta swimming pool, and then a mushroom sprinkler that the water is freaking freezing and its just fun to watch the un-expecting kids run through it and then go into shock because the water was so cold. NE ways, i like to take the kids there after dinner and  before bed to blow off some steam and run around and get nice and tired. It seems to work and i love it! McKenzie hasn't really been thrilled with the water as its her first "real" summer so its all still new. So she just likes to walk up and down the couple stairs in the pool area. On this day she just wanted to vedge out and be mommies pretty princess and sit in my lap and eat some fish while we watched codie be the ladies man in the pool. Since we were at the pool obviously mo had on a stupid swimmy diaper( yes i HATE these things). As we were having fun eating goldfish and mommy was people watching and listening to the people next to us talk or rather bitch about texting. They were bitching about how nothing is in normal English any more and that kids are going to be stupid and blah blah blah. I noticed that my shorts were wet but figured it was water cause we are at the pool! But nope it wasn't water... Yes you guessed it, Those awesome swimmy diapers let every thing other than the chunky stuff right out of the diaper. I don't Even know why they are called diapers, they should just be called poo catchers. OK so back to my story, Jesus maybe some time tonight i will get to my disturbing swimmy diapers story. Damn there i go again..... Ok NE WAYS........ so when i realized it wasn't water and cursing sorta loud and of course the bitchers next to me gave me a dirty look and i was waiting for them to change there subject from texting to potty mouth mommies. So as I'm cursing about having piss all over my shorts i then realize that she of course pooed, cause it suddenly smelled like i was in a barn. Yes its true my beautiful daughter smells like a farm or barn whatever smells worse. I'm sure she will tell all her boyfriends when she is 30 that she doesn't poo but i will just send them a link to this and she wont date again till 40! ha ha so any ways now I'm also cursing about her shitting and smelling so bad, so i try to gather up a diaper and clothes and then go get Codie to warn him that we are leaving. Well by the time i get back to moo to change her, my bird brain fails me again and i some how forget she pooed and then PULLED her diaper off! If any of you use these diapers you know to rip the side open which makes a much easier removal. So when i say that i pulled it off yes i pulled with some force cause its wet and sticking to her legs . While pulling the diaper off i suddenly said "Oh my Effing God" and at that second my night was ruined and i was disgusted and ready to run home! If you can handle poo talk then read on but if not please find another blog that wont make u gag right now! ha ha.... dun dun dun so did u guess what happened??. I got poo flung at me!I  have been a mom for 5 years now and a big sister for 16 and this was my first poo flinging experience. It was like slow freaking motion and you couldn't move away! i had a turd on my foot/flip flop, i had a piece of carrot on my shirt and a piece of corn in my hair,(i told you it was gross). I'm praying that i got all the "pieces" off of me and i didn't look like an even bigger scum bag. This was one of those situations that you don't know what to do right away, you want to snatch up the kids and run away, another piece of you wants to just cry, or you could be like me and laugh your ass off! I laughed so hard, well after the initial shock that i just got poo flung at me by this so-called diaper. Then while I'm laughing of course moo starts cracking up and starts wailing around. I literally had to tackle her to put her diaper on, and this time a regular diaper was strapped to her ass! Man i was laughing just reading that again and bringing back that memory. I'm hoping to always think before i take off a swimmy diaper now and no hope to god i never get poo flung at me again@  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some Goof-Ball Photos Of McKenzie

Every day or at least I'm going to try to post some good pictures of the kids, because i seriously have a million amazing pictures of my monsters, and cant wait to show everyone,(or the 2 people that follow my blog) 

Tackle It Tuesday..... My dreaded Closet, Open with Caution!!!!

Tackle It Tuesday MemeTackle It Tuesday
My First Tackle It Tuesday:

4 People living in a decent size 3 bedroom apartment is destine to cause chaos when it comes to clutter and a mess in every corner you turn. My house reminds me of a toy store or sometimes even a garage sale! While there are toys everywhere and running out of places to neatly reside, all of my crap has been thrown in a closet, and its like a graveyard for all of my crap. I have some how lost my tanning lotion a full bottle and have a feeling that its in the closet. Ive been asking myself every day lately "How do you loose a full bottle of lotion?"  So as the summer gets hotter and my back gets more red due to a loss of sun lotion, i have decided that its time to say what the hell and get er' done!!!!! So today while the baby is napping i will be very quietly going through the closet and probably throwing half the crap out. Because my cleaning philosophy lately has been , " O haven't seen or used this in a while" and it gets thrown out! I'm so sick of saving everything, and for what so that in 6 months i get frustrated with all the crap and then it gets thrown out? well today the graveyard closet is hopefully going to be organized and filled with LESS crap. Wish me luck:



Monday, July 19, 2010

My Monday Mishaps*

Codie is in a summer school program until the second week in august. He gets bussed there and back 4 days a week and I love it!!!. only thing.... it starts at 7:45 which means that the bus is here by 7:30am.. now for him he doesn't care what time it is the kid is usually up with the sun and bugging me for juice or string cheese or some thing that i sleep walk and get and or do for him. UGH so ne ways this whole up and functional at such an early time just plain sucks. Yes I do have a 17 month old but she is a good sleeper and is up by 7:30 ish, but waking up to "mommy mommy mommy" in the cutest little girl voice is about a billion times better than the stupid annoying wanna throw my phone at the wall alarm noise! Well we get better and better at this every day, and mommy drinks her coffee faster and faster every day. But for some reason Mondays seem to be the worst lately. It never used to matter what day it was to me because frankly as a mom my days just kind of blend together and i never know if its Tuesday or Saturday. So back to the point. Ugh Mondays, Well the stupid alarm went off at 6:30am a little earlier than I usually have it set because I couldn't find codies bus tag and i get all paranoid about those things. Well 6:30 just wasn't good for me this morning. So the sleep button i pressed, so every 5 minutes i get more and more awake and more and more ticked off at the stupid noise, and yes u cant probably guess what i did next,...... pushed the cancel button and shut the alarm off.
 "Mommy, mommy , mommy" is what i was woken up to at 7:11 am. OH MY GOD. I stumbled out of bed, stepped on a god damn army guy and after i kicked it it hit the door and i stepped on it again. So i rush into codies room to nicely and QUICKLY try wake him up.So i did the arm brushing and whispering "codie buddy wake up its time to go to school now" nope not budging damn this kid is such a sound sleeper sometimes and is miserable to wake up, so once again I go the nice approach and pat his back being nice, when the damn kid yells "RAWRRRR" and scares me awake!!! He scared the crap out of me and then he busted out laughing. This kid is something else and of course made me laugh so hard like he usually does when I'm feeling blah.. He is so clever when he is not driving me crazy! 

The 3 hours he was at school was filled with lots of "eh, eh , eh , eh" "mommy,mommy,mommy" "wahhh wahhh"  That was Mckenzie whining and crying about every little thing. Because she is mommies pretty pretty princess and gets away with everything. So its my fault that she is the insane monster she is. Not that i will admit that to anyone else. So i have to deal with the whinny monster i have created. She is very determined to get what she wants. If she wants to play in the sink and do the dishes with me  then she goes and finds a chair (one of the kids fold-able ones) and carries it to where she needs it. I swear one of these days there will be no chairs in my house because i will have thrown them all out the window. I cant get anything done without a chair being put on my foot or pushing me over or a little head poking out between my arms, not that its not cute, it is.... but only sometimes. So after somehow doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and living room i panic as i look at the clock and realize that my codie-free time is just about over.  **explicit*  is what i say to that. 

Codies school day ends at 10:45. So i usually go outside at about 11 and mckenzie and i draw with chalk and then she plays a game where mom has to keep chasing her around because she is such a runaway and every second she doesn't feel an eye on her she darts. So were waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and my stomach is growling louder and louder and Mckenzie was is getting more crabby and the time keeps ticking, finally i look at the time and its almost 11:30. Where is my kid? So i go into my crazy nuratic ways  thinking about every little thing that could be going wrong, and i panic because what if his bus tag i made for him fell off and he is on some weird bus and all scared and doesn't know where he is and gets left on the bus and O here comes the bus. ..... 
 And now its nap and relax time and man did that go fast to, I'm sure ill be hearing that super adorable little girl voice yelling for me to come rescue her from her crib and whine for some juice and then another evening full of whining... 
 So until next time Thanks for listening to me ramble about my  Monday morning! Hope your was better

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Inspiration... My Prince and Princess

This is Codie! He will be 5 on October 26. He is something else. I'm not sure of what words to describe him. He is my little man and will make any ones heart melt. He is my shadow,and since he was born has gone wherever i go. He keeps me on my toes, either he doesn't listen and i want to run far away and hide under a rock, or he is this charming young boy who says and does the craziest things. I pray to god almost every day for him to listen to me for just one day and be good. But i  think god is giving me a taste of my own medicine with him. Ya know when your parents say "I hope you have a kid that's just like you".... well this is my kid who is just like me and man o man am i scared as hell for the next 15 years!!!!

This is McKenzie, also known as Moo. Its a miracle that she knows what her real name is. When we are out in public and i call her moo (which is pretty much all the time) people give me this weird look and then say Awe she is so cute with a question in their tone as to why moo. But honestly i don't even know where it came from but once it was said it stuck and the poor girl will have that nick name for the rest of her life.   She knows that she is the cutest thing on this earth and takes advantage of her adorableness every second she can. This little girl is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Yes i love Codie just as much as i love Moo but there is definitely a weird and much different connection between a mother and her daughter. <3

Everyday there is something new and exciting or something bizarre and crazy that happens in my house. And i swear if i had a camera going in my house 24-7 i would probably win a million dollars. Cause I'm sure like in everyone else's house with kids, there is never a dull moment! And i wouldn't change it for the world!!!!!