Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Inspiration... My Prince and Princess

This is Codie! He will be 5 on October 26. He is something else. I'm not sure of what words to describe him. He is my little man and will make any ones heart melt. He is my shadow,and since he was born has gone wherever i go. He keeps me on my toes, either he doesn't listen and i want to run far away and hide under a rock, or he is this charming young boy who says and does the craziest things. I pray to god almost every day for him to listen to me for just one day and be good. But i  think god is giving me a taste of my own medicine with him. Ya know when your parents say "I hope you have a kid that's just like you".... well this is my kid who is just like me and man o man am i scared as hell for the next 15 years!!!!

This is McKenzie, also known as Moo. Its a miracle that she knows what her real name is. When we are out in public and i call her moo (which is pretty much all the time) people give me this weird look and then say Awe she is so cute with a question in their tone as to why moo. But honestly i don't even know where it came from but once it was said it stuck and the poor girl will have that nick name for the rest of her life.   She knows that she is the cutest thing on this earth and takes advantage of her adorableness every second she can. This little girl is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! Yes i love Codie just as much as i love Moo but there is definitely a weird and much different connection between a mother and her daughter. <3

Everyday there is something new and exciting or something bizarre and crazy that happens in my house. And i swear if i had a camera going in my house 24-7 i would probably win a million dollars. Cause I'm sure like in everyone else's house with kids, there is never a dull moment! And i wouldn't change it for the world!!!!!

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