Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tackle It Tuesday..... My dreaded Closet, Open with Caution!!!!

Tackle It Tuesday MemeTackle It Tuesday
My First Tackle It Tuesday:

4 People living in a decent size 3 bedroom apartment is destine to cause chaos when it comes to clutter and a mess in every corner you turn. My house reminds me of a toy store or sometimes even a garage sale! While there are toys everywhere and running out of places to neatly reside, all of my crap has been thrown in a closet, and its like a graveyard for all of my crap. I have some how lost my tanning lotion a full bottle and have a feeling that its in the closet. Ive been asking myself every day lately "How do you loose a full bottle of lotion?"  So as the summer gets hotter and my back gets more red due to a loss of sun lotion, i have decided that its time to say what the hell and get er' done!!!!! So today while the baby is napping i will be very quietly going through the closet and probably throwing half the crap out. Because my cleaning philosophy lately has been , " O haven't seen or used this in a while" and it gets thrown out! I'm so sick of saving everything, and for what so that in 6 months i get frustrated with all the crap and then it gets thrown out? well today the graveyard closet is hopefully going to be organized and filled with LESS crap. Wish me luck:



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