Saturday, July 24, 2010

What are your motherhood IRKS?

Everyday my life seems to be the same. And everyday i get frustrated at the same things, I call them my Motherhood Irks: These are some of mine, and I would LOVE to know what some of your are.

My kids are at the ages now where they don't leave each other alone. All day I swear all i do is yell and run around like a mad women. I'm feeling a little ranting coming on, the ranting of a mom with 2 monster children who cant be good! Well they are good kids just lately they have not been. LOL So I'm just going to clear my my head of some things that IRK me about my days.

1.) The Whining: Its like the soundtrack of my life!  This has to be by far the thing that irks me the most! I swear its constant in my house. I want to get out of bed , eh, eh , eh, eh , eh ,eh.....I need juice*shoves juice cup at me* eh,eh,eh,eh,eh,eh. And its not just from Moo its Code to. He doesn't get what he wants he whines and like pushes his hand at me. Some times i think its funny to whine back at them and laugh, usually this just makes more whining and then adds a tantrum on the floor. AWESOME!   Whinging is such an awesome way to start and continue my day.

2.) Hold me Hold me: When its 90 degrees outside the last thing i want to do is hold a shirtless sweaty yet adorable child. What i don't get tho is why do they need to be held, aren't they hot and sweaty and uncomfortable? why want to be in my miserable and also sweaty arms?

3.) No Mom i need to be behind you every second: There must be a magnet in my ass and the other part is planted in my kids somewhere. It must be something that is developed during the 9 months of preparing to make moms life miserable. I swear (there i go swearing again) that every time i am out of either of the kids sight for more than 5 seconds, they go into panic mode and freak out busting all the doors down looking for the one that mom is hiding behind. (which usually is the bathroom because its the hardest to get into if its locked) And yes Codie has figured out that if you turn the locked doorknob hard enough that it will open, so no room is really safe any more. .... Which brings me to number 4

4.) No more Bathroom privacy: OMG that's all i really have to say because I'm sure every mom is right there with me on that one. My kids seriously almost hyperventilate outside the bathroom door cause GOD_FOR_BID i shut the door long enough to take a piss.  And showering im usually half asleep lately taking a shower cause the only time i feel comfortable leaving my kids unattended lately is while their sleeping. So i shave my legs with one eye open and usually forget to shave my arm pits at least i wont smell like hot dogs and peas until lunch the next day!

5.) I have completely lost control of my living room and my big screen TV! After 8 months of only having a small love seat for a family of 4 i was finally able to get the couch i have wanted FOREVER! I paid a pretty penny for it, and i kid you not i only get to sit on it a couple hours a day. And when i say sit, i mean like without being jumped over or someone sitting in my lap and watching nick Jr. Ah Nick Jr. I have grown a love hate relationship with Nick Jr. I love Nick JR. because it allows me to wash my dishes or clean my floor or do some laundry or vacuum, well any kind of house work.Its like the babysitter i cant afford. YES I AM THAT MOM WHO PLOPS HER KIDS IN THE LIVING ROOM WITH THE TV, but ya what i really don't care!!!! LOL I hate Nick Jr. because that's all that's on my TV during the day. These songs that i sing in my head while showering or cleaning are the snappy tunes of umizoomi or the wonder pets, or the fresh beat band.

Man  my life in my eyes gets more and more pathetic when i type it all out. Well I'm done ranting for now. so until the next time!

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  1. Hi! I'm following you back from Surfin' Saturday! Thanks so much for stopping by and following.

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I can totally relate, but I only have one so I can't even imagine how you survive :) At least I feel normal after reading this!

    Ten Talents...

  2. I totally understand. I've watched so many cartoons in the last 10 years that I'm a whiz at the Nick and Cartoon Network Scene It games. I'm counting the days until the kids go back to school and I can the house to myself. And I completely understand the whole bathroom thing. Thank God my kids are at an age that I close the bathroom door. Following back.

  3. I always remind myself that one day, I'll miss them being little. It's hard when they drive me nuts but reminding myself of that makes it a little easier. Thanks for the follow!

  4. haha yes I am with you on EVERY SINGLE ONE of those! I love the "magnet in my ass" - And Yes I can't not leave their site for 30 seconds without them breaking down every door. Like really? Have I EVER left you alone, don't panic! Bathroom privacy is a HUGE joke around here as well, Logan Just pounds on the shower door the whole time. Too funny!

    Thanks for following me, I'm following you now :)