Monday, July 19, 2010

My Monday Mishaps*

Codie is in a summer school program until the second week in august. He gets bussed there and back 4 days a week and I love it!!!. only thing.... it starts at 7:45 which means that the bus is here by 7:30am.. now for him he doesn't care what time it is the kid is usually up with the sun and bugging me for juice or string cheese or some thing that i sleep walk and get and or do for him. UGH so ne ways this whole up and functional at such an early time just plain sucks. Yes I do have a 17 month old but she is a good sleeper and is up by 7:30 ish, but waking up to "mommy mommy mommy" in the cutest little girl voice is about a billion times better than the stupid annoying wanna throw my phone at the wall alarm noise! Well we get better and better at this every day, and mommy drinks her coffee faster and faster every day. But for some reason Mondays seem to be the worst lately. It never used to matter what day it was to me because frankly as a mom my days just kind of blend together and i never know if its Tuesday or Saturday. So back to the point. Ugh Mondays, Well the stupid alarm went off at 6:30am a little earlier than I usually have it set because I couldn't find codies bus tag and i get all paranoid about those things. Well 6:30 just wasn't good for me this morning. So the sleep button i pressed, so every 5 minutes i get more and more awake and more and more ticked off at the stupid noise, and yes u cant probably guess what i did next,...... pushed the cancel button and shut the alarm off.
 "Mommy, mommy , mommy" is what i was woken up to at 7:11 am. OH MY GOD. I stumbled out of bed, stepped on a god damn army guy and after i kicked it it hit the door and i stepped on it again. So i rush into codies room to nicely and QUICKLY try wake him up.So i did the arm brushing and whispering "codie buddy wake up its time to go to school now" nope not budging damn this kid is such a sound sleeper sometimes and is miserable to wake up, so once again I go the nice approach and pat his back being nice, when the damn kid yells "RAWRRRR" and scares me awake!!! He scared the crap out of me and then he busted out laughing. This kid is something else and of course made me laugh so hard like he usually does when I'm feeling blah.. He is so clever when he is not driving me crazy! 

The 3 hours he was at school was filled with lots of "eh, eh , eh , eh" "mommy,mommy,mommy" "wahhh wahhh"  That was Mckenzie whining and crying about every little thing. Because she is mommies pretty pretty princess and gets away with everything. So its my fault that she is the insane monster she is. Not that i will admit that to anyone else. So i have to deal with the whinny monster i have created. She is very determined to get what she wants. If she wants to play in the sink and do the dishes with me  then she goes and finds a chair (one of the kids fold-able ones) and carries it to where she needs it. I swear one of these days there will be no chairs in my house because i will have thrown them all out the window. I cant get anything done without a chair being put on my foot or pushing me over or a little head poking out between my arms, not that its not cute, it is.... but only sometimes. So after somehow doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen and living room i panic as i look at the clock and realize that my codie-free time is just about over.  **explicit*  is what i say to that. 

Codies school day ends at 10:45. So i usually go outside at about 11 and mckenzie and i draw with chalk and then she plays a game where mom has to keep chasing her around because she is such a runaway and every second she doesn't feel an eye on her she darts. So were waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and my stomach is growling louder and louder and Mckenzie was is getting more crabby and the time keeps ticking, finally i look at the time and its almost 11:30. Where is my kid? So i go into my crazy nuratic ways  thinking about every little thing that could be going wrong, and i panic because what if his bus tag i made for him fell off and he is on some weird bus and all scared and doesn't know where he is and gets left on the bus and O here comes the bus. ..... 
 And now its nap and relax time and man did that go fast to, I'm sure ill be hearing that super adorable little girl voice yelling for me to come rescue her from her crib and whine for some juice and then another evening full of whining... 
 So until next time Thanks for listening to me ramble about my  Monday morning! Hope your was better

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  1. LOL. My Mondays are nothing like yours. My little guy loves to sleep. He is only 19 months old and goes to bed at 9 at night and doesn't get up tell 10:30. Lucky me you would think. Its horrible really. I don't get out of bed tell I hear him crying for me so my whole day is gone before I even start it! ( not to mention I stay up tell 2 every night)