Monday, November 22, 2010

Man Its Been a While, But I'm Back

I'm not sure if I have people following me any more
Of if anyone realized i was gone
But I thought once Codie started school i would have more time to blog
and do other things
But for some reason the opposite happened
How do you other bloggy moms do it?
How do you have time in your day to keep up with things
I feel like i have lost my damn mind! 
McKenzie is 22 months and is a maniac!
Shes so smart and such a trouble maker
She keeps me on my toes all day long!
And during nap time i fee like i don't sit down at all
Its dishes laundry phone calls, emails blah blah blah
And when Codie gets home from school, the rest of the day is like a blurr
I am trying so hard to get my life a little more organized 
I got a printer and printed calenders and to do lists, and menu planners
And my goal is to do my blog again. 
I haven't entered giveaways in a while
 and i feel like i need to start again! 
It was so much fun winning and trying new things
So i hope everyone has been good, 
I haven't read anyone else's blogs in forever to so i feel  behind! 
Have a great Holiday Every One!

1 comment:

  1. Hi ya, thanks for popping over and following! Sometimes I don't blog, family is more important! Don't beat yourself up, you'll get around to it when you can and all your followers who are true will hang with you! I for one just found you so I'm here!

    Happy Turkey Day!