Friday, December 3, 2010

Fawk You Friday!

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Like i said last week or whatever, i haven't been on in a while but after the couple weeks i have had i couldn't wait to come get all my FAWK YOU'S out! 
So im done waisting time, here are my FAWK YOU'S

FAWK YOU School calender. Im sorry but my kid doesn't need off for 3 days for thanksgiving, Hell dinner doesn't start till 5 anyways so why even have off  Thanksgiving day? 
Needless to say Codie drove me insane for 5 straight days!!!!
(im stocking up on wine and liquor for x-mas break)

FAWK YOU Buffalo weather!!!!!Here in Buffalo we get bursts of snow and its doesn't stop for days!!
It is complete insanity!!! So this week on Wednesday it started snowing

And Kept snowing

And Kept snowing

We got 39 inches of snow, within 2 days!
And Schools got cancelled, thruways were closed, And it was insanity!
But thats how it goes living Here in good Ol' Buffalo!!!!
FAWK YOU snow days!!!!!!!! I could have gotten my kid to school today no problems!!!
I ran out of wine last night, have no more booze and god they threw another snow day at me! 
And Finally A HUGE FAWK YOU to the fish tank i have waited so long to have and now its just keeps fucking up and getting green and gross!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR
Some day i will be able to zone out and watch the fish in my super sweet tank!

Well thats my Fawk yous for now! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has a great week next week!!!

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