Monday, September 6, 2010

Big giveaway Winner

I have been one lucky person lately.
Well when it comes to blog giveaways~!
A couple weeks ago i won 
The Rattles Kid Cd
I won this AWESOME CD from the awesome Dawn over at
Flip out Mamas blog! 
This cd is awesome and my kids absolutely LOVES it!
My son calls it his rock-n-roll cd
I have been wanting something like this for a while because
while i clean and do house stuff i always like to listen to music and the kids love dancing around
So i thought a kids cd would be perfect.
So when i won this i was Pumped!
Its even something i find myself dancing around with them to.
So if your looking for a fun cd for this kids check this out for sure!

Wanna know how much i love Dawn over at Flip out mama?
Well she has awesome giveaways and I am a 
THREE time winner
yup you read that right. I have won 3 Giveaways from her!
Aside from the Rattles Cd
I also won 
How freaking sweet are these?
Again super pumped when we got these in the mail
The age on them is 6-11 and i would agree.
My son is 5 and has some delays in his speech, although as of now he is
pretty much on track. 
But anyways these videos were just a tad over his head with certain things, 
not the whole dvd though which was great!
 I would say that after a month or so in kindergarten 
these videos will be a huge help, and refresher while at home.
I watched the one with him and thought it was awesome
They are singing about vowels, and letter sounds, and in slow motion, 
i can even see my 18 month old daughter loving these videos and talking/singing along sometime
Once again Another Great giveaway that i was SOO LUCKY to have won!

I also won organic sunscreen from her on Friday

and who wouldn't love winning sunscreen?
That shit is expensive!

So Thanks Again to Dawn, 
Now go Enter her giveaways
(or dont so i can keep winning)

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