Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall TV! YAY!!!

When i think about "Fall TV" i get all excited
I feel like its been years since ive seen my favorite shows
Last year was a great year for new shows, 
and im hooked!

First of all, on Tuesday Parenthood started
i used to watch Gilmore Girls with Lauren Graham
and have loved her since
so this show is just as awesome
well more mature than Gilmore Girls 
but i know what i mean!
so anyways 
If you haven't watched it before, 
I Suggest You DO!!!

Modern Family!
And once again if you haven't seen this and laughed your
ASS off then get out from under that rock 
and watch some TV
This show is just..
Hmm well not sure the words to explain it 
Its family drama and something people can relate to!( well sorta)
The people who write these shows are amazing 
and make me LOVE (kids) bedtime even more!

After Modern Family is Cougar Town
With Courtney Cox
I wasn't a big fan of hers before this show
but she is great for this show, and fits the part PERFECT
My man even likes watching it with me cause its so funny!

The Biggest Loser starts in like 2 weeks
I am so excited!
I have been hooked on this show for like 4 seasons
It is more than Amazing how much weight these people loose
and how much their lives are transformed!

At the END :( of the month 
Desperate Housewives starts!
I have watched every show since day one!
last season was a little iffy for me so im hoping that this season will be better
either way its still one of my favorites!

What have you been waiting all summer to see again?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and following (from the hop)! I am now following you! Funny, I too am pumped for the fall TV line up, but we don't watch any of the same shows! I'm more into Survivor, The Apprentice, House, 90210 (guilty pleasure I watch by myself!)... LOL!