Monday, September 6, 2010

In a yellow house Photo challenge

I have so many pictures of my kids 
my computer runs very slow because of this
 ive been seeing in my reader a lot of people 
participating in photo challenges
so i clicked one and went searching for a photo to enter
BWS tips button
In a yellow house photo challenge for this week is:
On the Water
well i live in buffalo right on Lake Erie
Took this photo last year at the marina!
Buffalo is Shitty at times but man being out by the water is great
we have a walkway you can walk along
and the old navy boats are docked there and for a price you can tour them
and a restaurant and ice cream shop
its really pretty cool, and the kids  love it!
Anyways theres my photo im submitting
Whatcha Think Everyone?


  1. What a beautiful shot. I grew up in Rochester, NY and spent some time on Lake Ontario and haven't made it too often to Lake Erie, but I love the view you share with us here. Beautiful.

  2. Thanks for linking up! Lighthouses make such an amazing photo subject!