Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crazy or Traditional Wedding?

   Everyday when i wake up get woken up by a kid yelling for mom to get her down from her bed, I make myself some coffee and turn the TV on and watch the Today show. Today on the today show they were talking about wacky nuptials. I have seen many videos on TV of first dances where the wedding party danced to thriller or different songs, and different dances. I have also seen videos of the couple and the party walking  dancing down the aisle. Now this idea is just brilliant to me. As much as i always wanted or loved the idea of a traditional wedding, i feel that traditional this day and age isn't so "in" any more. I'm not married and who knows when that will happen but after seeing some of these other peoples weddings it so makes me want to have an off the wall totally non traditional wedding, with dances, (tho i dont dance, maybe ill have to start learing) and crazy themes and man im sure by the time he decides he wants to get married there will be many other crazy ideas in my head.  
Today show: 11 wacky nuptials  If you click this link it will bring your right to the page with story they did this morning about the wacky weddings.
This is probably my Favorite:

Maybe one day i will be able to post something like this only it be for my wedding!!!

So what do u think? Do you think these people are crazy or do u feel like i do and think its Freaking Fantastic?


  1. I remember seeing this for the first time. I thought it looked like a lot of fun. A wedding should be fun and when it is too traditional, sometimes the couple and guests do not have any fun. We got married in Jamaica, totally non-traditional and we had a blast!

  2. It's very funny for sure!

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  3. I like them! Most wedding are so stuffy and serious. I would love to attend a fun wedding like this. :)

  4. That's hilarious!!

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  5. I love the crazy dance down the aisle. I 've been married for 11 years and no one did this then but I would so do it. Maybe for the vow renewal in a few years. WE won;t be that old:) I better start choreographing now:)HAppy Mothering! Following back!

  6. I think it is crazy and unique!! It's awesome!
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  7. I do love that video! hehehe
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  8. My husband and my first dance song was "low" by Flo Rida. We got some looks when I was "getting low" with my big bulky wedding dress, but it was fun!