Friday, August 13, 2010

Ahh Summer time!

I haven't written anything all week. It seems like this summer is going in fast forward and i really don't like it, or do I? That just means that school is right around the corner! Can i get a big WAHOOO! ok so onto what i intended on writing!

My mom has a large kayak pool which we dont really go swimming in much becuase the deck isnt that big and for me to sit there and watch codie and worry about the baby running around its just more stressfull than fun. But it was hot the other day and my mom came over and codie begged to go swimming with my sisters. So she took him with her and i said what the hell me and moo will walk down in a little bit after i pack up. So we did and took a snap shot of me and her in our cool shades about to walk to grandmas!
Yay swimming by himself
Codie is not a big fan of the pool, unless he can touch the bottom. I'm not a big water person, so we dont get into big pools much. So Codie the boy who shoulda been my girl(he is an emotional mess sometimes, hes still my little baby boy. lol) gets scared easy and once hes scared and has his mind set about something its hard for him to overcome that. So thats another reason we dont go swimming in my moms pool much, Codie is all scared and doesn't want to leave the side of the pool or trust the floaties or the vest. But he is fine hanging onto the side and watching everyone else. Well the other day i found my old life jacket from when i was a little kid for my dads boat. I said hmmm i bet i could coax him in this and somehow get him to let go of me. Well he was fine with trying it out and seeing how it goes. After like 10 minutes of me trying to get him to let go and to trust me he finally realized that the life jacket was keeping him up and he was actually floating and holding my finger really wasnt helping, and he was doing it himself. Well that was it, he was fine! Still a little cautious but he was doing great and I was a damn proud mommy!!!! While he was swimming around he kept saying, "Mommy I Love you" He melts my heart when hes all cute and being a good boy, but that only happens so much so i adore those moments. And I kept Telling him that i was SOOOOO Proud of him! Becuase i was it was one of those moments where you tear up and wanna grab and squeeze him and tell him to stop growing and being bratty and stay my sweet good little boy!
Codie and my Sister Kaitlin
Swimming out to get her! YAY

I forgot Swimmy Diapers,
so she looks like she has a huge ass like me! haha

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  1. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping y! I am now following your blog. You have a beautiful family.