Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fawk you Friday

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I honestly cant believe that its Friday already! But that just means great blog hops and of course FAWK YOU FRIDAY! Hosted by the one and only boobies babies and a blog! Link up with her and do you own Fawk You Friday Post!

So here we go:

FAWK YOU to you stupid ass punks who think they are the shit with their fart can exhausts that are so loud that i cant keep my kids windows open at night! And by the way IT SOUNDS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!

FAWK YOU crickets.. we have a leopard gecko and small anole lizards so we have another cage with crickets and the big muther effers slide their damn wings together and make that stupid annoying as all hell cricket chirp or whatever the hell its called! There is one under a rock in the small lizards cage and just keeps chirping, So ya know what i did yup FAWK YOU CRICKET, he doesn't have any more wings cause i pulled them off (hes still alive just cant make the noise) haha

FAWK YOU  "scenes from next weeks episode"!Who ever thought that was a good idea, is a jackass! I don't want to know what i have to wait a whole 7 freaking days to see. And of course you have show the best scenes from next week shows. UGH it pisses me off! ( Im talking about Jersey Shore, Cause I am that person who LOVES this show! )

FAWK YOU bed bugs, i don't know about you but i have been seeing and awful lot of news stories about bed bugs. eww gross i think I've doubled my laundry from washing the sheets and blankets so much! EWW SOOO GROSS!!!!

Your Turn~


  1. I have been known to move furniture at 3am to find the damn cricket. I don't see how you live with them. (Found you through Fawk You Friday)

  2. The crickets are insanely loud here too!! What's up with that?

    Sorry about the punk ass neighbors..I've been there, done that!

    Thanks for linking up this week babe!