Monday, August 23, 2010

Wahooo Awards

So i got these awards a while ago and started this post forever ago as well, but for some reason ive been having HUGE brain farts, and cant remember what day it is let alone remember to finish a post! Man i cant wait until school starts and i cant actually sit down and be a better organized blogger. lol so anyways on with the awards!!!

I am Estatic that people actually reads my posts and actually like it enough to think of me when they needed to nominate other blogs for awards! I have become addicted to the blogging world and love waking up and drinking some coffee and reading everyones great blogs!
 So a HUGE THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Laura from Cirque Du Matos Family for nominating me for this award! And as i'm writing this i also was nominated for this award again by the Fabulous Stephanie over at life of a twingle gal!

A also received some awards from Nomie over at nomies 3 monsters.  You Should defiantly go and check out these  AWESOME bloggers, cause i do everyday!!

There are a few things I must do in order to accept the awards. Since i got 3 awards I'm not going to do all this 3 times because, well honestly i dont have time or enough brain steam for that, and im sure you all dont want to read it. Ha Ha

1) Thank the person who gave me the award.
2) Share seven things about me.
3) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs, and let the nominees know about the award.

So here are seven things about me:
  1. I LOVE TV, and wouldn't know what to do without my DVR box! 
  2. I have become obsessed with blogging and reading others, that i feel bad some days because i feel like the worst mom EVER.  but im sure my kids could care less, they would rather not have me up their asses.
  3. Within the past 2 years I have become dependent on coffee in the morning, and if i don't have my morning coffee, by 3 in the afternoon i have the worst headache and am ready to crawl under a rock!
  4. I really wish that i had some kind of talent, or something to keep me busy. like i wish i was crafty, or athletic, or had rhythm so i could dance. lol im just a mom i guess thats my calling. 
  5. I wish i had big boobs! and some day when my credit doesn't suck, i'm gonna buy myself some big ol' boobies! 
  6. I very often "lock" myself in my room and have a "mommy time out" my son thinks its funny and has learned to stay away for a min. Hey moms need time outs to! 
  7. I secretly wish that i could be the perfect mother and wife from back in the days, who has an amazing dinner on the table every night at the same time, and the house is so spotless you could eat off the floor at any given time, and who somehow always had time, energy and the patience to always be the  "happy" mom. 

Now for my nominees: I think im supposed to have more but damn its hard to do that because i read so many freaking blogs! but here are a couple that i visit frequently!

Misadventures of Mom<~~~ my sister in law and bff, shes super funny make sure u go check out her blog and show her some love!~

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  1. Yay Im so happy for you! Man youre all kinds of winning lately arent you? YAY :)

  2. thank you!!!!
    you rock!
    and i could have written #1, #4 and #7 on your list myself!!