Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things I cant say.IN MY OWN HOUSE

In most peoples houses they have to refrain from saying bad words. Well in my house, we sorta have potty mouth syndrome (we are getting way better but w.e., that's not my point here), but there are other things that we have to watch what we say, or the outcome is usually a headache. What kind of things am i talking about? Well in my house we cant say:

Outside: We cant say go outside, or daddy went outside, if we slip up we usually say some kind of swear word as we watch Moo run full speed to the door and bang on it or try and get the door open( which she cant any more cause we had to put the child proof things on the doors, yay..NOT) she will grab the door knob and shake the door and whine and scream and cry. That leads to the said headache!

Shoes: as said above is pretty much the same thing that happens when someone mentions shoes, Or hey look at those cool shoes on TV... (read above) that's what happens.... AWESOME! NOT

Eat: Good god this is the one thing i do everything to not say! If we say anything about eating moo once again goes bazurk. She high tails it to the fridge and like hangs from it trying to open it. While swinging from the fridge, she is usually whining the words, string cheese, apple, or juice. If i open the fridge she looks like a man would if he opened his fridge and it was full of his favorite beer, or something like that. She doesn't know what to grab first, quickly opening the drawers until finding something that mom finally says yes to.

Teeth: Most parents go over and over their kids body parts with them so they know where it is and how to say it. well we have to skip over the tongue mouth or teeth part of that whole routine. Why you ask.... Well as I'm writing this my other half says I'm gonna brush my teeth and get outta here. Moo was in her room playing all quiet and good (Codie's at school)  when she some how heard him and dropped what she had in her hands and bolted to the door crying to open it(again a child proof thing is on it. haha) she loves to brush her teeth, and she does a pretty good job of it, but Jesus if i let her she would brush her teeth 20xs a day. OK its not really a bad thing but its very annoying most of the time.


  1. Awww she sounds like she's uber attached to her family, which is awesome <3 Hang in there, this will all pass LOL

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