Monday, August 2, 2010

Potty Training at 18 months? Am I crazy

OK so were not exactly potty training to the max right now but I'm trying to introduce it and see how it goes. I mean come on my kid is a genius (he he) and my mom says i was potty trained at 18 months. So if she is as amazing and smart as her mother than hey this cant be to hard? Well she loves to say potty and try and bust through the bathroom door every time she walks by or someone else goes in. So you would think, well that's good she is showing interest, Nope she is driving me nuts. But in a good way cause its so damn cute! We went to my moms house for my sisters 16th birthday and Mac came up to me and said "Me Poo, Me Poo" of course right, she would do that when were not home and away from a potty seat! Awesome so i check her diaper, no poo. 5 minutes later i get a whiff of what smells like a cow who ate pig food. O man she smelled and, wtf i could of put her on the potty at home and clapped and hurrayed that she pooped on the potty. I have a Package of size 6 diapers that someone gave us, I want to set a goal to be trained before the size 6s and never use them. Lol I know sounds stupid but that's how my corny life is now. 
This morning as i went to the bathroom she also sat on her potty and listened to mommy and mommy acted like a 6 year old talking about hearing the pee and trying to get her to listen and her make the same sound. Damn every post makes me so much more pathetic. Ha ha. .Ne ways she didn't pee and when i tried to get her out she tried to pick up the potty to take in the hallway, so i did it for her and by the time i got to the hallway( its right outside the bathroom) there was a nice present for mom on the rug.... A couple turds and a happy moo that she pooed.... Mommy Poo mommy Pooo... AWESOME!!!
So OK shes not quite ready but the day will come and Damn i cant wait!

Ne one else have any luck at this age? My son was terrible and was at the point were he would hide diapers and put them on himself, so I'm praying that what everyone says is true, that girls are easier that boys. 


  1. Lmao @ codie hiding diapers and putting them on himself. Maybe I should start with Cal too, get a jump start. Yeah right, unless I give out a 4 course meal each time the kid uses the potty he will still be in pullups way into his college days.

    Then again, I may be able to market those. "College pullups- when youre just too tired to get off the corner of the floor you fell into last night".

  2. omg my son for a loooong time would hide pull ups and sneak them on! Must be a boy thing :)

  3. Isn't that strange how we all seemed to potty train so much earlier according to our moms? Good luck! I am sure it can't hurt to get going now.