Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Rides and Family

On Friday the 20th my baby girl turned 18 months. Man it was the fasted 18 months of my life! Well my grandparents and my dad and his son(2)  decided to go to a small amusement park called fantasy island. Its some good rides for adults and older children and also a section for little kids. But the best part of this place is the little petting zoo (i guess you could call it that?) it had some goats walking around a couple jackasses in a cage some little furry chickens in a cage and some ducks and what not. You get to feed all the goats walking around, and the kids just loved it! It was my favorite part! The look on the kids faces while feeding and interacting with the animals was awesome!Of course i got some great shots of the kids and the animals.

The *jackass* chewing on
some ladys stroller handle!
She was so excited she was screaming
(i dont think the goat liked the screaming)
And Of course the kids rode some rides. It was Mckenzies first time on a ride, Yay so exciting! LOL, they went on a couple and we went to the water park, unfortunately i didnt get any pictures from the water park! o well heres a couple of them on the rides!

Ring Ring

I wish i had one of these, but smaller so it really worked!

How cute are they looking at each other<3

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  1. Mine just turned 18 months too! It goes so fast doesn't it?! I am stopping by from New friend friday @ Trendy tree house. Hope you have a great weekend!