Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday and other hops

Yesterday we went to the zoo with my dad and his son(2)
My "brother just like to run wild through the zoo 
so while they ran around me and moo and code
took some shots of the animals 
and had a great day
Till it was almost nap time, 
then mom got frustrated and we high tailed it outta there

So For this weeks Wordless Wednesday
Im gunna stop typing and upload some pics!
Thanks for stopping by!

An Anaconda Snake, see his head?
A Peacock that was walking around 
Super kewl turtle and lil alligator 
A mule
He was so funny playing with whatever this was
amazing Sea Lion
Because Im from Buffalo i had to take a pic
see his tongue hanging out?
He must have been waiting for food
You ass! 
Sweet Pic of lil man!

Some cute random birds on the window?
Awe! Maybe their in love? lol


  1. Love the pictures!

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  2. Thanks for Hop, Skip and Jumping!

    Have a great night!