Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Good Ol' Park!

If you have read my posts before you know that i have a park/ pool area down the street from my house, and if you didn't well now you do. So the splash pool is open from like 9 am until 8 pm so its great, we usually go to the pool and then the park after, and make sure that kids are nice and tired! So yesterday after dinner the kids were driving me CRAZY so i said what the hell lets go swimming and then the park till daddy gets home. OK great idea! I pack towels snacks juice toys extra clothes and w.e else. And were off! And we get to the splash pool and are greeted with a nicely drawn poster with flowers and butterflies that said SORRY POOL CLOSES AT 4 TODAY! OMG are you kidding me? I could not believe my eyes! They must not have had enough life guards on duty! Wtf there is a foot of water and a swarm of moms we don't need the life guards my kids wanna kick and jump in the water! grr so we went to the playground instead. It seems lately that every time we go to the park something shocks me EVERY TIME! I don't live in a ghetto neighborhood i live in a pretty good section of town but man the playground brings everyone!  This one time i was standing pushing moo on the swings and I'm always people watching, its my favorite thing about the park. So anyways, i watch as this Chinese guy (no offense to others, I'm just stating facts)  pulls up in one of those cool mini vans where you push a button and the sliding doors open, well the door slides open and i swear 6 kids pile out of the van, and run full force to the play ground.The door on the van closes (it was like a space ship the way it all happened, lol) after the door closes the guy drives and parks in a parking spot which is right across from the park. He didn't get out of the van , he rolled the window down smoked a cigg talked on his phone and listened to music. And while he was in his van i had to tell his kids countless times to be careful because my kid is trying to walk up the stairs, as they ran right thru them and didn't even care. I was so pissed off, i kept having to tell them basic simple things every 5 mins. They didn't like me very much and after a lil bit they just played on the swings. One time i took my sister along with us she is 10 and my son LOVES her. So we get there and theres a bunch of older kids there, just kinda hanging out.. Sitting around the monkey bars and like laying on the one slide. Well moo wanted to go down the one slide and the kid just looked at her. She is 18 months old you fuck head get out of her way so she can go DOWN the slide like your supposed to. So after a second of him just staring at her i said "Um do u think you can move and let her go down, because that's what this is a slide you go down the slide not lay on it. I got a dirty look and he moved. Then my son wanted to go on the monkey bars. Which i think he only does to give me a panic attack. Anyways there was a kid sitting on top of the monkey bars with his feet dangling. Well Codie just stood there and looked at them, and then at me, and then back at them. Finally me the big mouth that i am was like HELLO do you not see that my son wants to use that and cannot because your sitting on them, not what your supposed to be doing so please move!~ Well he moved no problem. I guess they were there all hanging out because there was a party at the boy scout club next door(or w.e the building was), and they were bored. Well ya know what go sit under the pavilion thing where no one else was and sit on the picnic tables you idiots. OK ya ready for another one? Were having fun playing, there was like 8 or 9 kids at the park and 2 parents sitting on the benches. After a little while i started thinking are these Chinese ( i know here i go again, again no offence its just they stood out from the rest of the kids) kids running around there were like 4 of them.We were getting ready to leave when this car pulls up and some lady gets out of the passenger seat and walks over to the group of kids that were playing by the slides and was like come on hunny its time to go now, and they both got in the car and left. Um Ok wtf just happened is what i was thinking! Did this women drop her kid off and then come back for her. Then i noticed the same guy with the mini van sitting outside this time in a SUV , and smoking and talking on the phone. Well the other 3 kids then walked over to the SUV got in and they left. Like do people think the playground is a place to drop your kids off so other people could watch or play with them? I just don't get it, Is it ignorance or am i being the crazy one here? Ok i have one more story and if your still reading man you freaking RoCK! OK so the other day me and the kids were at the park duh isn't that what this is about? Ne ways i was talking to another mom with this little 3 week old, man he was so little and made me almost want another one.. haha NOT. so were talking and all of a sudden i notice this lady laughing her ass off and im like hm what am i missing, Ya know what i was missing? Her son or grandson was peeing right in front her and she just thought it was the funniest thing ever! She was looking at me and the other mom laughing like ha ha are you seeing this. Did this lady really think that the kid was cute, that peeing in a public park right in front of a bench on the wood chips that my kid plays on is really cute? I just stared at the lady in pure disgust, i couldn't believe my freaking eyes. once she stopped laughing and realized that i didn't think it was cute and i was pissed she stopped looking at me and didn't look or come near us the rest of the time. Man people just piss me off. Like i cant take my kids to the park without dealing with ignorant assholes. Do you see what i mean now when i say something always happens when we are at the park. ok story time is over, and  I think i need a drink now!

OK well at least i get cute pictures from the park?

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  1. Sorry to hear about the park. It must be so great to live close to the park and pool though.

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